Annual Wellness Visits

Only a mere 18.8% of eligible Medicare Beneficiaries receive an AWV. Because all Medicare patients are eligible for a free yearly wellness visit at no cost, physician offices are missing out on an additional revenue stream. When health plans make AWVs a central part of their member engagement efforts, they see a substantial lift in the completion of both AWVs and other high-value healthcare activities (HCAs). Plans can also benefit from using the AWV to improve the accuracy and efficacy of their risk adjustment efforts.

The Focus Care Turn-Key Solution

Focus Care offers a hands-on, turn-key solution for ACOs and PCPS to improve member engagement while maximizing revenue potential. For the patient, these Medicare Preventive Services empower patients to better manage their health. Focus Care can integrate into your EMR system to provide a seamless and efficient program by offering the following services:

Schedule and conduct
all the AWV on behalf
of PCP

  • Gather medical information
    over the phone to maximize
    office visit
  • Onsite provider conducts the
    AWV in your office

Provide the AWV in
conjunction with
regularly scheduled visits

  • Notify patients to have them
    come in 30 minutes prior to
    schedule visit OR
  • Complete the AWV after the
    scheduled visit

Build Care Plans
from our AWV for

  • Subsequent Visits
  • Chronic Care Management
Benefits for your office

New Source of

  • The average annual primary care revenue for practices that adopted
    the AWV consistently had a greater revenue than practices that did not conduct the visit

Improve Patient

  • Increases patient engagement
  • Proactively identifies potential
    health risks before they become
    issues to ensure optimal health
  • Promotes health and focuses on
    early disease prevention