Case Managers & Providers

Targeted case management/transition services are designed to assist Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) members who are interested in transitioning out of long-term care facilities back into home and community-based settings. This program also provides members access to state plan benefits, home and community-based waiver services (HCBS) in addition to transition enhanced services and supports aimed at promoting independence for 365 days of enrollment.

For more information or to refer a patient please contact

Jennifer Krulewich

Member Identification

We support skilled nursing professionals in assessing level of care most appropriate to meet safety and care needs in the least restrictive environment to promote independence and enhance quality of lives for patients.

  • Support with coordination of care planning and gathering of information from pertinent care team members to bring to the table
  • Collaborative discussion about potential risks and strategies aimed to address those risks
  • Collaborative decision-making process to identify the best plan for each patient
  • Support with obtaining input from all involved care team members (physicians, therapy, nursing, behavioral health, family and the individual) to determine patient success in a lower level of care setting (assisted living or an independent home)

We also provide:

How do Case Managers Refer Members?

  1. Do any of your residents feel unhappy or stuck and express wanting to live more independently in the community?
  2. Refer these individuals to DRCOG for options counseling.
  3. An options counselor will meet with the resident to review their current situation and refer them to the transition program.
  4. During the options counseling meeting, residents can express wishes for their future and select preferred agency as Focus Care for transition coordination.
  5. Focus Care staff will help you and the resident explore and facilitate a move to the community (assisted living or independent living).