Our Success Story

Focus Care, Inc is a Boston-based, privately-owned national healthcare services company that has been in business for more than 22 years. We identify and document high risk conditions of Medicare and Medicaid members, to improve health outcomes and achieve accelerated reimbursement for health plans. Our expansive, national provider network includes nurses at all levels of practice (LPN/LVN, RN and NP). Our leadership team and clinical staff have demonstrated success in working with all health care programs, especially government programs (Medicaid, Medicare), risk adjustment, network development and care management. Since 2008, Focus Care has conducted thousands of evaluations nationally, contracting with several health plans. Nearly ten years ago, Focus Care transitioned its hospital nurse staffing business to a broader offering with emphasis on Medicare Advantage health risk evaluation and revenue maximization services.

Company Overview

Focus Care was launched as a medical transcription and nurse staffing company. Today, its national network of 11,000 physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses serves as the foundation for a comprehensive suite of services including health risk assessment, care management and clinical consultancy solutions for clients.

Over the years, Focus Care has administered countless of onsite health needs assessments in various settings. These comprehensive assessments help avoid costly health risks, reduce hospital readmissions and provide the foundation for ongoing care management plans designed to help members receive the appropriate level of care in the proper setting, effective assessment, intervention and care coordination leads to positive health outcomes for patients and results in maximum revenue and return on investment for plans, hospitals and care management companies.

As the demand for demonstrated healthcare effectiveness and revenue maximization grows, Focus Care continues to strengthen its provider network and expand its operational resources to support innovative strategies that meet the needs of a diverse group of clients.